We offer to you professional and highest quality pan flutes, developed and produced by many years of experience and in collaboration with our pan flute manufacturer.
As the material of the panflute pipes used precious woods such as e.g. Hornbeam, Cherry, Maple, Elsebeere ....
Inside diameter, wall thickness and of course the length of the individual tubes are assembled according to physical- acoustic findings. The result are instruments that guarantee in any pitch perfect sound. Masterly Manual labor, as well as exact mood are all soloists panpipes of course.

The foregoing list is to be regarded only as the default program.
Of course, soloist panpipes are other moods and tonality to c °, or " left hand" (the large tube to the left) available. Price on request.

We will be happy to assist you in any matter such as any questions you may have regarding professional pan flutes or even if you may decide to call one of our masterpieces your own.

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