David - about me

David Döring, born in Kazakhstan, already started to learn how to play the violin at the age of six. When he reached the age of 12 he listened to Edward Simoni and spontaneously switched to playing the pan flute. Because at this time there was no one present to teach him how to play the pan flute, David auto didactically taught himself. Since then he has dedicated himself to this fascinating instrument, exclusively. These days David is among the top musicians playing the pan flute and has played at international occasions in front of big audiences many times.

„It is over and over again a pleasure for me to honor the one who equipped me with this extraordinary gift. Thus, it is my wish that you are emotionally touched by this music and, moreover, drawn into a deeper relationship with our creator.” After David Döring.
The concert visitor can expect a firework-like presentation of sounds played on one of the oldest known instruments. The flutist’s repertoire is very diverse and covers a wide range of music styles. David Döring virtuously and emotionally presents world known hits such as „Amazing Grace”, „You raise me up”, and „When you believe”. His repertoire also comprises Bach’s „Air“ as well as Tomaso Albinoni’s „Adagio”, world know classical compositions. Catchy records such as the World Cup song „Helele“,„Marmor Stein und Eisen bricht“, and „Hevenu Shalom“ round up what David Döring has up his sleeve.
Allow yourself a fascinating and one of its kind concerts with a master of the pan flute, which will raise up your soul.
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